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31 million will still be uninsured

// September 9th, 2013 // Comments Off on 31 million will still be uninsured // Health Care Reform & You

After 2700 pages of legislation that no one read, and over 19,000 pages of regulations, todays Washington Post article points out the glaring reality that it didnt fix anything of the 41 million that were supposed to get insurance, 31 million will still be uninsured.  Call you Congressmen/women, to delay the full implementation. Surely they can work on some amendments to make this law less cumbersome, less laden with fees and taxes, more accessible to everyone.  Costs for insurance in the majority of the states will increase.  The only saving grace will be the premium tax credits given to thos folks who fal within 100-400 percent of the Federal Poverty level.


We can do better.  Reach out before it is too late.


ACA Projected To Leave 31 Million Americans Without Coverage.

On its front page the Washington Post Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (9/9, A1, Kliff, Sun) profiles a handful of those who will be “left behind” when the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, and the free clinics from which they must continue to seek care. The piece estimates that despite the law’s coverage expansion, 31 million people will still be without insurance by 2023.

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