Limit on Consumer Costs is Delayed in the Health Care Law

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Every day a new waiver, a new issue or a new delay is heralded by the Media, yet HHS and the Administration bravely move forward with partial implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Today in the NY Times in an article by Robert Pear, it was noted that by Executive order, insurance carriers were given  waiver until 2015 on the caps on maximum out of pocket expenses.  What does this mean to the ordinary policyholder, not only will your insurance premiums be going up, but you will still have the “old” caps.  The plan had been to put caps on your expenditures to try to bring down the overall impact of the cost of health insurance due to higher premiums.  Now we will be getting hit with higher premiums and the old out of pocket expenses limits.

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This change is in addition to:  Employer Mandates out until 2015, the main security system for the Federal Hub which will house all of your personal data not being completely tested leaving enrollees potentially open to identity thieves and hackers, waiver for Congress and their staff to receive a 75% subsidy of their insurance premiums.

Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a bad bad law.  Some parts like exclusion of pre-existing conditions, maternity coverages are good things.  But it should either be all implemented on a level, egalitarian playing field or delayed until it can be fixed.

I urge all consumers to call or email the Congressman, Senators to delay the implementation of the individual mandate which is an unfair burden to the middle income Americans.






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